All times, events, prices, etc. subject to change without notice.


Campsite (Electric/Water) $38
Campsite (Electric/Water/Sewer) $41
Campsite (Electric/Water/Sewer) 50 amp $44
Camp 6 Nights Get the 7th Night Free FREE
Extra Person at Initial Registration $8
Off-Road Dumping $10
One Family per night. Includes 2 adults and 3 dependent children or a non-family group up to 4.

DEPOSITS DUE: 7 days from date reservation was made or management maintains right to cancel site.

Deposit Per Week $150.00
Deposit Per Weekend 1 Night
Deposit Per Holiday Weekend (3 Nights) In Full
July Through August, Halloween I, Halloween II, Halloween III, and special weekends In Full
Visa or Mastercard accepted. Credit cards will be processed.

Service Charge

Insufficient Funds, etc. Per Check -- $40.00

Cancellation Policy

14 Day Notice Required for a Rain Check or Refund. $5.00 Handling Fee. Last Minute Cancellations, No-Shows, Late Arrivals, Early Departures, Inclement Weather, or Personal Reasons Will Forfeit Deposit.


Visitor Policy

All Visitors Must Register, Pay on Arrival at Gate or Office.  Day Pass Check-In: 10:00 A.M. Check-Out 10:00 P.M./Overnight Pass Check-Out 3:00 P.M. Visitors May Not Enter Park After 9:00 P.M. Visitor Pets Are Not Allowed.  The Day Visitors Pass  Fee is $5.00.  Overnight Visitors Pass Fee is $8.00. Children 2 Years and Under Free.  Visitors Are Welcome To Use All Facilities. Visitor Fee Refunded If Stay Less Than 1 Hour. No Refunds For Dance or Swimming!

Seasonal Camping

Enjoy the ease of keeping your trailer on site and forget about packing up, tearing down, or making reservations, etc. Please request more information on becoming a Seasonal Camper at Mountain Springs Camping Resort!   SEASONAL SITES FOR 2018 STILL AVAILABLE

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