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Amato's Pizza & Pasta Indian Fort Inn
American House Hotel Kauffman's Bar-B-Que
(717) 933-8415
Blue Mountain Family Restaurant Lou ees Pizza
(610) 562-7700
C & C Pizza Pappy T's Pub & Lounge
C J Hummel's Perry Restaurant
(610) 562-1410
Cousin's Pub & Co
(610) 562-5202
Pizza Como U.S.A.
(610) 562-5009
Cracker Barrel Port Clinton Hotel
(610) 562-3354
Deitsch Eck Restaurant River Boat Saloon
Esther's Restaurant Russo's Pizza
(610) 562-1730
Fiores Pizzeria (610) 562-2929 Shartlesville Fire Company
Haag's Hotel Trainer's Midway Family Restaurant
Hamburg Diner
(610) 562-0422
Westy Bar & Grill
(610) 562-9303
Hecky's Sub Shop (610) 562-4500 Xiang Shan Restaurant
(610) 562-8975
Hop Poh Chinese Restaurant
(610) 562-2611


Adams And Bright
(610) 562-2738
Kings Pharmacy
(610) 562-3795
CVS - Shoemakersville
(610) 562-2454
Rite Aid  Hamburg
(610) 562-9454


Dietrich's Meats & Country Store (610) 756-6344 Redner's Warehouse 
Hamburg (610) 562-7210
Peters Brothers Meat Market
(610) 562-2231
Weis Markets Hamburg
(610) 562-3828


Arby's McDonald's
Baskin-Robbins Pizza Hut (610) 562-3619
Burger King Subway
Dunkin' Donuts Taco Bell
Long John Silver's Wendy's

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