2018 RATES

Monday - Thurs. (Daily) $65
Friday, Saturday, Sunday (Daily, 2-Night Minimum) $70
Holiday (3-Night Minimum) $210
5 Night Special $300
Extra Person (Daily) $8
Security Deposit (Cash) $50


Check-In 3:00 PM
Check-Out 1:00 PM
Cabins are not guaranteed before 3:00 PM
Subject to 6% Sales Tax. All times, prices subject to change without notice.


Deposits are Due 7 Days from Date Reservation Was Made! Deposits are Paid In Full.  Upon Arrival A $50.00 CASH Security Deposit (Insuring Against Damages, Lost Key, etc.) Is Required. This Security Deposit Guarantees Mtn. Springs that the Cabins will be Returned to Us in the Same Condition in which They are Given to You. The Full $50.00 will be Returned to You After an Inspection of the Cabin has been Completed by Our Staff and No Damage is Found.  If We are Unable to Inspect the Cabin at your Departure, the Deposit will be Mailed to You. Please Help Us Keep the Cabins in Good Clean Condition!  Thank You!!


No Refunds or Credits on No-Shows, Late Arrivals, Early Departures, Inclement Weather, Personal Reason, etc. Refund or Raincheck on a 14-Day Notice.  Deposit Refund less $5.00 Per Cabin Handling Fee.

Rustic Log Cabins

Equipped with:

Not Equipped with:

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